Greenhouse gas emissions



Greenhouse gas emissions are often classified in 3 scopes, which roughly correspond to how “direct” the emission is, or how close is the actual source emitting the gas.

  • Scope 1 are the direct emissions from combustion of fuel and direct use of

fossil fuels.

  • Scope 2 corresponds to indirect emission from energy usage. This includes any

electricity that was produced from a fossil fuel source.

  • Scope 3 is all the other indirect emissions anywhere in the value chain. Those

are often the hardest to count

Scope 1 Scope 2 Scope 3
Fuel combustion Purchased electricity Purchased goods and services
Company vehicles Purchased heat Business travel
Fugitive emissions Purchased steam Employee commuting
Waste disposal
Use of sold products
Transportation & distribution (up & downstream)
Leased assets and franchises
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